Improved Process and Data Collection Paper.

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This paper will evaluate and make recommendations regarding Fox Sports Net quality improvement process in the Sales department. Determine what items need to be measured to substantiate the improved process, the data required to measure improvement and present best quality tool to ensure continuous monitoring.

A process that can be improved is Book Break out Meeting. Which utilize qualitative forecasting methods that are based on educated opinions of appropriate personnel. ( Meetings are conducted every quarter. Every department is required to attend. We discuss how each major television station programming for every time slot for airtime period locally and nationally. The sales, marketing and promotions departments collect all of the information. The sales/marketing department creates and forecast the data for the presentation. Before the actual book breakout meeting, the sales/marketing department has their meetings to discuss what will be covered during the station meeting. The marketing department collects data from the Neilsen/Net Ratings system.

This ratings system provides the broadcast industry global standards for media measurement and analysis data. It can also help broadcast companies track, understand and take action on a wide range of Internet metrics that has global effect on each company.

If we could prompt the program department (which is in LA) via teleconference to provide more feedback it would help. The programming department plays an important role in the placement of spots. The formatting of programming is imperative to sales department because that is the given time slot in which spots are going to air. I believe this department could provide sales with insight on placement suggestion to provide for our customers. Often in the meeting the Programming department heads have little to say. I just know we all could learn so much form their experience.

A quality management tool that could be used to measure...