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When I emigrated from my home country China to the new country, I found it was hard to communicate with others because my English was very poor at that time. It strongly affected me in three ways, listening, speaking, and writing.

First, I found it was difficult to listen in English. I didn't like to watch TV in Canada although I was crazy about TV shows and TV series in China. Looking at the flicker of pictures on the television screen, I only could guess what the actors were trying to express from their actions because I hardly knew any of their words. Afterwards, my mum suggested that I should watch the caroon channel. Gradually, I got to understand more meaning from the simple words. Although it was difficult for me to laugh at the comedians when I couldn't get their meanings, in my opinion, it was a good start for a beginner of English.

Second, it was hard to express my thoughts to others in English. When I speark in my mother tongue, I can express myself freely and my hands move like birds through the air. In contrast, I hesitate when I speak in English. My English teacher told me that I could speak slowly, as long as I could tell others what I wanted them to know. I followed the teacher's suggestion and found it was useful. Now, I can speak in English much more fluently than before.

Last of all, in terms of writing, my composition was not very good. It always brought my mark down on my assignments and tests. Therefore, I made a new study plan. To begin with, I read one essay in English every day to pick up new words and new expressions. And then I reviewed my grammar in order to...