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The 21st century had been plagued with problems. Throughout history the words "drastic times call for drastic measures" has held true. Sociological problems have become more and more of a nuisance as our species races to meet its highest potential. All though our technology is increasing at an exponential rate, our land area is not. It will be many years before our technological ability to colonize distant planets is great enough to equate the growth rate of our world population. The only way to prevent overpopulating the world and draining it of all the natural resources that we have left entails a "drastic measure". Although many believe it to be iconoclastic, the systematic implementing of population control is a necessity if we want to ensure our prosperity now, and into the future.

Society as a whole has been becoming an ever more hostile environment ever since the industrial revolution. The impetuous addition of hazardous lung searing chemicals in the air has degraded our atmosphere as well as our quality of life.

As people started avoiding outside activities due to the adverse condition of society they were forced inside leading to a greater procreation rate. Due to this factor our world population reached a number of 6 billion in the year 2000. Even in an era of trillion-dollar budgets, mega-billionaires, and an 11,000 Dow, the 6 billion figure is staggering. It took all of human history up to 1804 to reach a global population of 1 billion. It took just 12 years to leap from 5 billion to 6 billion. This is a problem, and must be dealt with substantially and promptly.

If the growth of the world population is not hindered it will soon surpass the production of our resources. Even assuming a continued decline in fertility rates, the...