The Incarnational Ministry Of Jesus

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Throughout the ministry of Jesus various forms of communication were used to create change in the lives of people. Looking at the Gospel of John, chapters 3 and 4 we can see many of these various forms of communication. By studying and understanding these communicational models we can derive principles to use in our ministries. I mean, what better teacher to learn from than Jesus? In this section Jesus communicates to people using such methods as parables, stories, he speaks in a way that gets the listeners attention, and many other ways. Jesus taught very profound principles using ordinary words and simple illustrations. The principles were not always understood right away, but the illustration caused people to think about it and led to many left saying that Jesus spoke, "with authority." Some of the images Jesus uses to illustrate his point includes water, world, light, bread, etc. Jesus summed up many huge theological issues that were discussed in many pages of Jewish law, in a few simple, yet very meaningful words.

These words included such words as love, grace, and truth.

When Jesus is talking to the Samaritan woman he says some very interesting words to her. First of all, Jesus was in Samaria. As a Jew this was already kind of sketchy. Usually the Jews would go out of their way to avoid any sort of contact with the Samaritan people. Second of all, Jesus was of course a man. In the culture of this time men usually did not address women directly, and especially women whom they did not know. But these things didn't seem to faze Jesus the least bit. He simply asked the woman to get some water from him. She was probably shocked and even embarrassed. Then most likely a little nervous as well...