Incentive Plans

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Having an incentive plan is an organizations way of encouraging specific behavior among its employees. Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhert, and Wright, (2003) states an incentive plan is a "form of pay linked to an employee's performance as an individual, group member, or organization member" (p. 374). This plan allows employees to meet the goals and objectives of the organization, thus making it more productive. This paper will examine how The Public School's incentive plan relates to the organizational objectives, as well as evaluate how the incentive plans do, or do not help the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

The Public Schools vision and mission statement reads "to develop the skills and talents of all students through rigorous learning experiences, supportive relationships, and relevant real-life applications" . With this mission in mind, it is up to all employees within the district to help the organization reach this goal. For paraprofessionals who work with handicapped students or behaviorally impaired students this mission means continuing to meet set goals.

The public school sector is funded by taxpayer's dollars and every penny needs to be accounted for. This money is allocated to special funds such as technology, building improvements, etc. There is no specific incentive plan to motivate employees within the district. Through negotiations with the union, staff members of public schools negotiate contracts and salary demands.

The incentives for the school district are tied to the instructional aspects of the classroom. This includes encouraging paraprofessionals to attend workshops or classes that pertain to his or her job. After so many clock hours have been recorded, the paraprofessional will receive a stipend. This fits with the goals and objectives that are set out for the district. Shareholders, who are the community, expect that the students within the district are going to receive a...