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Incentive pay is an important part of an organization's compensation plan. A well-designed incentive plan can help pull employees together, help point them in the right direction, and give them that extra push that every organization needs in today's competitive environment. This paper will examine incentive plans offered by Kaiser Permanente. It will evaluate how their incentive plans help the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

I work for Kaiser Permanente, which is comprised of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and The Permanente Medical Group. Our organization has both business and medical facilities not only throughout California, but also in Hawaii, Colorado, Georgia, Ohio, the Northwest, and the Mid-Atlantic region.

People are Kaiser Permanente's most important asset and recognizing, coaching, and investing in people are the key to Kaiser's strategy of quality and service. To meet our goals, it is important for the organization to reinforce performance excellence.

Performance Award ProgramsKaiser Permanente's Performance Award Programs are designed to financially reward employees for success toward implementing our region's strategy; "Northern California will use our integrated, not-for-profit model of health care to deliver superior quality and service at a competitive price." Program gateways and goals have been aligned to support this strategic direction . They also help us focus on the critical few goals that are important to our continued long-term success. When program goals are met, all eligible employees share in our successes.

The three Performance Award Programs are:Quality and Service First: This program applies to all eligible non-union salaried and hourly employees. This program helps us communicate and focus on specific goals that support these strategies and ensures we share collectively in the success of the region.

Performance Plus: This program applies to eligible managers and leaders. Program goals are established and measured at a...