The Incident

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In the film, The Incident, the two men, Joe and Art are clearly sociopaths. From the very start they constantly showed signs of why they are sociopaths. When they were in the pool hall the viewer was given an impression that they were simply bullies. But once they left the pool hall the viewer soon figured out they were much more. From this point on, Joe and Art continually showed reasons as to why they were sociopaths.

In the beginning they showed the viewer a major reason as to why they are considered sociopaths. The major sign was that they showed no remorse for their behavior. They hid in an alleyway, and when a man walked by they grabbed him and pulled him into the alley. They stole his money and his watch. After this Art beat him till he was unconscious. Joe and Art were very proud of what they did.

This did not satisfy them enough, and the two men were not content with going home. When they walked the streets they were always messing around.

As soon as Art got on the train he showed how charming a quality he had to the homosexual, not to the homeless man. Art made him feel as if he was on his side. However he lied of course and ended up treating him extremely bad.

Throughout the entire film on the train Art and Joe were always doing something. Most of the time they were doing these in the train. This was a representation of sociopaths having to be the main attention. While on the train they showed low anxiety level. They would never sit and relax; they would always jump from one group of people to another while on the train. Every time Joe would harass someone is also an example of a sociopath. I do think they internalize the information that they received from the people on the train.

Through the film I saw two men exhibit their differential Association theory. They were obviously close, and had been since they were kids. This bond would allow them to communicate without speaking. They did this by the eye contact and facial expressions, so they knew what each other was thinking. In the end of the film when the soldier beats up Joe, Art had no one to talk to and was defenseless. He would put up no fight against the soldier.

Everything that has been explained in this essay describes the characteristics of a sociopath. This film was a great film that represents many more topics other than a sociopath. This is a movie that can be internalized and interpreted in an infinite amount of ways and from many different angles.