A incite into the pressures of life as a teenager. as compared to the simplistic existance of a fly.

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I watch the fly, performing aerial acrobatics, flying carelessly, looping and turning in the air. Then SPLAT! The tiny insect ceases to exist, slaughtered by the tight grasp of my hands clamped together in feelings of hatred. I envy the life of that fly. So simple, so carefree. No emotions, no expectations, no rules.

That fly did not have to encounter numerous hurdles in her life, she was born as a maggot, evolved into a fly, and then in a brief moment, a millisecond her tedious life was taken from her. She never sat an exam (or studied for that matter), she never had to work at maintaining a relationship, she never had to survive the physical pain of training to succeed in a chosen sport, nor did she have to live with the mental exhaustion of all these factors molded into one. That fly had a simple life. A basic life. A life in which I was so jealous, that I killed her in spite.

As I lye motionless, enwrapped in the complexity of this short period of my life, my eyes fill with sadness, and a stressful tear rolls down my cheek. I feel the tenderness and devotion of his touch as he reaches for my hand and softly kisses my forehead.

"It will be alright", Michael insists.

"Yeah but not for a few more weeks yet", I murmur, with a slight smile over my face.

I wonder why life progresses as it does. The year starts off slowly, increasing gradually. Then BANG, like a tonne of textbooks falling at instantaneous velocity and hitting you with a force of 1000N, exams commence, swimming carnivals begin, friction and stress builds within your circle of friends, petty annoyances cause explosive arguments at home and just as you feel your...