The Income Inequality Debate

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The income inequality debate

Humans had lived in an egalitarian society for 10000 years before we lived in an inequality society, as the article " Our Egalitarian Eden "by Pennisi said. People all desire to live in an equal society because the concept of egalitarianism is printed in our genes. However, after human live in inequality society, our civilization still keeps developing and invents a lot of techniques to make our life more beautiful. According to the article, "The Income Inequality Myth," by Tanner File, Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary Becker pointed out, "It would be hard to motivate most people if everyone had the same earnings, status, prestige, and other rewards" (p#). I think egalitarianism isn't the same as social justice because if people don't know how to optimize the allocation of social resources and distribute in absolute equality, our civilization can't develop into a higher level.

You might wonder what should we do can guarantee the social gap between the rich people and poor people can't block social development, I think people should provide an equally social platform to promote and show individual value, then according to their different values, distribute for everybody.

First of all, People must to solve inequality in education as soon as possible because education is the most important chance to change people's destiny. According the article "Education Gap Grows Between Rich and Poor" by Sabrina Tavernise, She claims inequality education has replace the race discrimination to be the most serious of social problem in US, rich family's children can get better education than the poor family's children a lot, so their the rate of success in US are totally different. However, they don't have significant IQ difference, actually the only difference is rich family can sent their...