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For my investment project I picked Disney and Verizon to keep track of their stocks, and how their businesses are doing. From my perspective and record it looks like both companies have followed a similar pattern. It seems like the companies hit a low point or points at some time during the month, and then slightly go up from that low point. If you look at the October graphs below you can tell.

Verizon is one of the laregest telecommunication companies in the U.S. They provide wireless communication for their customers on tablets, smart phones, and still offer their services to basic phones.

The company owns many different subsidiaries. Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone, CyberTrust, EdgeCast Networks, and plenty more. EdgeCast Networks is a content distribution network that was founded in 2006. Ironic from the two companies I picked randomly, EdgeCast Networks was funded by Disney. In December of 2013 Verizon annoucned it bought EdgeCast to meet the growth in online digital media content.

Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone (C&P Telephone) is actually split up into four companies. There's Bell Atlantic Maryland, Bell Atlantic Virginia, Bell Atlantic Washington DC, and Bell Atlantic West Virginia. Verizon orginally bought all four companies, but sold the West Virginia company to Frontier Communications. Verizon uses this company for telecommunication purposes. CyberTrust is a security service company bought by Verizon in 2007. Giving Verizon the ability to provide information sercurity to their customers. All of the subsidiaries including the ones I listed are either related to manufacturing, communicating, or sercurity.

To become more profitable Verizon has made their company more likable to potenial new costumers by upgrading from 3G to 4G internet data, and updating from basic phones to smart phones. Also they are offering ugrade phone deals to their current customers, and offer apps to small...