Increasing Divorce And Cohabitation - Causes

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"Untying the Knot" Many people grow up with the intention that they will one day get married. Studies have shown that contradictory to the yearning a couple may have to get married, now more than ever, the rates of divorce and cohabitation without marriage are skyrocketing. As of right now, at least one third of marriages in our society have already ended in divorce, and about one-third more are extremely likely to end their marriages in divorce.

There are extremely diverse ranges of reasons that may be responsible for the termination of a life-long vow of commitment to another person. All of the movements from the last few decades such as the women's rights movement, and women's lib have allowed women to become more financially independent.

This ultimately proves to women that they do not need to have a dominating figure in their lives. This may help prevent a woman from staying in a relationship that she does not feel comfortable in.

(ie abusive relationship) also, the belief in the past used to be that to start a family a woman needs to be married but the sexual revolution of the sixties changed this belief when more people than ever started to freely and frequently experiment with their sexuality. Also, as many labour prospects for men are demanding higher education levels, more and more men are becoming unemployed than ever before. Consequently, men who are not financially secure are eight times less likely to marry a pregnant girlfriend. The rates of cohabitation have been increasing due to the new-found belief that a healthy relationship with or without a family can be successful without the need of marriage between the couple. This is why many couples have resorted to either divorce or cohabitation without marriage instead of choosing the...