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In terms of goals, an incremental person is usually eager to learn. At school, he is most likely going to take difficult classes in hopes of learning new things. On the other hand, an entity person usually focuses more on performance, rather than learning since he already believes that intelligence is fixed. He would take easy classes just so that he could get an "A" or a "B" in the class, but he would not take a challenging course which would teach him new things and expand his knowledge.

In terms of effort, an incremental people view it as a good thing. Effort is a way to expand one's knowledge; by putting effort in something, one can find out what he is capable of doing and what he is incapable of doing, whereas an entity person views effort as a risky thing. He fears if he puts a lot of effort in something, for example studying, and he flunks, then it would just be proving to him that he was not intelligent to begin with or he does not have the intelligence that it takes.

An incremental person views errors as learning experiences, which is not bad at all. He believes that errors are where to direct effort. An entity person, on the other hand, believes that errors are bad and that they reveal the limits of one's intelligence. So basically, an entity person would put no effort in something in fear of making an error of some sort.

The degree of involvement in something also differentiates an incremental person and an entity person. Involvement is considered to be how one situates himself. An incremental person is very task involved. Once he gets a task started, he does not care as to what is going on around him or how...