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Coming of Age Incubus: When it Comes "When it Comes," by Incubus is a song which deals with coming of age. The protagonist in this song falls into the Immature Responses to Mature Responses category, since the problems he encounters are dealt with in a way that an adult would.

"Yes I feel emphatic about not being static and not buying philosophies that are sold to me, at a steal." At this part of the song the protagonist learns that the "easy way-out" is not always the best way of getting yourself out of problems. He also learns that the reason why we are all faced with difficulties is so as we can grow, and in turn, feel more alive.

"When it comes, it comes unannounced. And it feels like a matador is taunting me with his reddest red cloth and I am the bull." The protagonist is very aware that not everything is what it seems to be.

Also, he does not believe everything that is told to him. He decides for himself what he wants to believe. He is no longer as gullible as he used to be as a child. This allows him to take on problems with more ease since his head is no longer clouded with the lies of others, which only wish to stop him from finding the truth.

"Just when you thought it was safe to think, in comes mental piracy!" In this line from the song it can be noticed that the protagonist has learned to be careful in choosing whom he will allow close to him when residing problems. He learns that not everybody cares for his well being, and to be careful of those who only wish to take advantage of him.

The ability to solve our own problems, which life tends to throw our way, is the very thing that helps us to grow. We become stronger and wiser. Each time we grow we venture further and further into adulthood. There is, unfortunately, a downside about maturing. We suddenly become aware of life and we lose our "carefree" attitude. We realize that life is more than just playing and having fun all day. It is definitely something we miss and unfortunately, never get back.