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India?s high birth rate India is the second largest populated country in the world, but the fastest growing at 24.28 births per 1000. Although, it has succeeded in slowing population growth and others will follow as they learn the benefits of raising smaller families.

Overpopulation is becoming a major problem in the world today, in 1830 the world reached one billion, by 1930 we were at two billion, 1960 three billion, 1986 five billion, and in 1999 we crossed the 6 billion mark. We are today a world of 6.1 billion, growing 78 million each year, and 97% of that growth occurs in the poorest of countries, many of these people survive on the equivalent to one U.S dollar per day. 790 million people will go to bed tonight not knowing where they will get there next meal.

India?s population is now on 1,029,991,145, 33% of these people are ages 0-14, 62% 15-64 and 5% 65 years and over, the population growth rate is at 1.55%

per year. India is growing fast, luckily there are many things in progress to slow down the Indian birth rate, but predicted in 2040 India?s population will exceed China?s, who is the most populated country in the world. Some statistics below show how in 2025 India is close behind China.

Although India occupies only 2.4% of the total area of the world, it supports over 15% of the world population. Population density is approximately 733 people per sq. mile, which is a problem factor for India, they don?t have much space to spread everyone out and the birth rate is not helping the problem. Too many people in too little time, in a small place = caos. India leads the world in population growth and population density, in size,