India and Spain's Infrastructures and Natural Resources

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India and Spain have various infrastructures and natural resources such as the port facilities, airports, roads, raw materials, telecommunication, and industrial zones. These various resources have challenges and opportunities that Tata Motors are able to succeed in both India and Spain. The success of Tata Motors is based on the availability of the resources which the countries provide. Tata Motors is aware that without the available resources in which the countries provide to Tata Motors it will make it hard for the company to succeed anywhere.

India's Infrastructures and Natural ResourcesA country's infrastructure can compose of areas such as transportation, which makes up the airports, roads, railways, seaports. Power and energy is part of infrastructure, which consist of power plants, telecommunication, housing and industrial infrastructure.

When traveling to India, the first thing a traveler will see is the airport, in which are going through some much desired improvements. The Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), which is 12 miles south of the nation's capitol of Delhi.

The Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) is the busiest airport in India and South Asia. This airport could handle 23 million passengers annually in 2007, however now they are expanding, in which they would like to hold 100 million passengers by the year 2030 (Net Resources International, 2009). The structures that are poor condition, along with very low ceilings in certain places, and some check in areas that leak when it rains will go under construction. A third terminal is being built, which is hoping to handle 37 million passengers a year before the year 2010, with the contemporary features that global travelers have come to imagine (Net Resources International, 2009). However, presently the air facilities are greatly in need of replacement, however, the thought of upgrading would not be meaningful. Currently, India's air infrastructure...