India: A Lesser Developed Country,

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1.Introduction: The purpose of this report was to investigate India's economic, demographic and cultural characteristics, it's problems and the existing barriers to development and to suggest possible measure to help India with its problems as it is now considered a lesser developed country.

2. Characteristics of India:

2.1 Economic Characteristics: 60% of India's workers are in the agricultural sector (as of 1999). This is mainly so that they can produce enough for their own needs and for that of their families, with little surplus to trade. Their standard of living depends directly on what they produce themselves. Only 23% and 17% of the labour force is taken up with occupations in services and industry irrespectively. India has a large economy, which is determined by its gross national product (GNP), the value of all goods and services produced in a year. But when the country's huge population is divided into its GNP, the GDP per capita (per person) is only three hundred and seventy US dollars.

For this reason India is considered a developing country. India's unemployment rate is 8.8% which is surprisingly low. The main reason that India is a lesser developed country is because that many of the of the Indian people can not afford to buy tools and equipment as their savings are not sufficient. Because they can not get tools and equipment they can not increase their income so they get caught in the vicious circle of poverty. Twenty five percent of India people are below the poverty line.

2.2 Demographic Characteristics: India has a population of 1,045,845,226 (July 2002 est.) which makes it extremely overpopulated. It is believed that if India's growth rate continues as it is, by 2050 the population will exceed that of China. The life expectancy of people living in India is...