Will India Remain Suffocated? This research paper is about the cause and effects air pollution holds to India.

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How long will it take the government of India to find a solution to prevent further deaths involving air pollution? Since air pollution is posing a great threat to India's quality of life, the government of India must take drastic action to prevent further deterioration of the air. Air pollution in general is not a new problem to mankind. People know that vehicular pollution is an important factor in contributing to air quality as well as outdoor, indoor, and factory related air pollution. These factors that contribute to the impurity of the air can cause health problems. The government of India must come up with a workable solution to prevent this from occurring.

Everyone knows that air pollution is harmful to the environment and its people, but why do people still emit tons of harmful substances in the air? India, with a massive population of one billion, has gained reputation for having the fourth most polluted capital in the world.

When pollute is given off another form known as particulate matter is also released. Most of the particulate matter in the capital, Delhi, is given off by vehicular pollution. The level of particulate matter in Delhi is six times greater than the safe level and that is the reason why the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is demanding a ban on diesel car registration. Air in Delhi has been gradually deteriorating for the past few decades because there is a growing trend of air pollutants near Delhi. India's government must come up with a good and clear idea to prevent further declination in the quality of the air.

Vehicular Pollution is one of the main factors that lead up to the drastic fall in the quality of the air in Delhi. Automobile emissions account for nearly 95% of the...