The Indian civilization, the Chinese civilization, and the Roman civilization, three civilizations that have contributed greatly to humanity

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Three civilizations that have contributed greatly to humanity are the Indian civilization, the Chinese civilization, and the Roman civilization. These civilizations have not only contributed to humanity but have also given ideas to others on how to make a better nation and how to organize a country.

The Indian civilization has contributed the religion of Buddhism. Although the original founder is Siddhartha Guatama, Asoka, the Mauryan Emperor, played a great role in helping the spread of this religion. Buddhism is a good contribution to humanity because it teaches that harmony is best, it teaches a great love of righteousness, and it teaches tolerance. This civilization not only provided humanity with great values to abide by, but also many advancements in learning that are mostly still used today. They created the number system we use today that consists of ten numerals, the came up with the decimal system and negative numbers, they understood the daily rotation of the earth on its axis, they computed the value of pi, and they even predicted eclipses.

They have made many contributions to humanity in many ways.

Another civilization that has contributed greatly to humanity is the Chinese civilization. They shared their philosophy, which was established by Confucius and Lao Tze. Confucius philosophy was based on the ideas of Jen or the "virtue of humanity". He claims that five relationships must be honored in achieving Jen. One must gain ruler and subjects, father and son, husband and wife, elder and younger brother, and friend and friend. Lao Tze philosophy was based on Taoism, which explained as the natural flow of life. Together, these two philosophies contributed to humanity and very good ways. The Chinese government had formed the Civil Service Exam which was created by Confucius made a more fair selection process. In china,