Indian Film Overseas Distribution Contract

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Indian Film Overseas Distribution Contract

Law has been defined in a number of ways. Before reading further let us thinks how we can define this, for our purpose, Law is a system of limitations imposed by the government upon our actions in order to ensure safety predictability and control

The purpose of this case study is to introduce concepts involving the overseas distribution of Indian films.


Contracts are one of the important aspects of law, contracts are voluntary , binding agreements people or business enter in to in order to obtain something to which they are not otherwise entitled. For instance, if both the parties wish to obtain cleaning equipment, they would not be entitled to get it from a supplier simply because they want it, Rather they must negotiate with the equipment dealer to allow the purchase, agree on the terms, and in exchange, pay an agreed price.

A and B are entering in to agreement to obtain something they would not otherwise be entitled to receive. The agreement, if it meets all necessary requirements, is called a Contract. A Contract must be supported by consideration. Consideration is a bargained -for legal detriment exchanged between the parties.

Failure of one of the parties to the contract to perform as agreed results in breach of contract for which money or other remedies may be decided by a court. Those who breach a contract must be willing to pay the cost of doing so. Generally, that means putting the non-breaching party in the position that party would have been in has there been no breach.

Assuming 4 STAR INC have been looking to expand in to the international market place both by taking rights for exporting Indian films around overseas and by offering their services to other countries. This study...