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Indiana Jones as a Romantic Hero Indiana Jones in one of the Romantic Hero's that we learned about. But not everybody can be a Romantic Hero like Indiana Jones. There are four main qualities that a person must have to be a Romantic Hero. One as being youthful, that doesn't necessarily mean that the person must be young, but, they have to be able to move around as if they were young. The next quality a Romantic Hero must have is they need to be innocent in their actions. Meaning everything they do must be for someone or something else not all for themselves. The third quality they must posses is to be intuitive. Their intuition doesn't come from what people teach them but from what they know from common sense. The last quality that a Romantic Hero must have is to be one with nature and people. He must know how to get by without anything.

By living in the woods. In the movie "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" Indiana showed all of these qualities and here are just a few that I would like to point out.

Indiana Jones demonstrated his youthfulness by being very agile. He was able to move around very easily and quickly, and was also able to make quick decisions. When he got himself locked in a secret passage before they we all totally stuck they crawled out a little door very quickly and Indiana's hat fell off and he was fast enough to grab it before the door totally shut and took his hand. At the end of the movie they were fighting on a wooden draw bridge and he decided to cut the bridge so most of the bad guys would fall off into the crocodiles. Which worked fairly well. But it didn't get all of them off. The head of that army held on and was fighting with Indiana for these magic rock that he had stolen. Indiana ended up knocking him off of the bridge that was hanging straight up and down along the side of the mountain and was able to climb back up to safety; and he managed to save one of the magic rocks. He was willing to do almost anything to save those rocks and in the process almost got himself, Willie, and Shorty killed.

Indiana demonstrated innocence by doing everything he does for the people. He goes to the village to save their children and get the magic rocks. Of all the trouble he went through to save the children and get the rocks he almost got himself, Shorty, and Willie killed. But he was determined to do whatever he had to do to get what he wanted to make the people happy. The other way he demonstrated innocence was when he got back to the peoples village he was the magic rock that he could have turned into a museum and make a lot of money but, he gave the rock to the people because he knew it would make them very happy.

Because Indiana Jones was a Romantic Hero he also is very intuitive. He is a very smart thinker, and when his boat was sinking he thought quick enough to jump on the raft to save them.

The last thing this Romantic Hero demonstrates is being one with nature and with the people.

While they were traveling in the jungle they were riding on elephants and Willie was unable to get along and ride on the elephant and Indiana did not have any problem and he was able to understand the people that were guiding them.

Those are all of the qualities a Romantic hero must have. As I told you Indiana Jones has all of these qualities. He has his youthfulness. Being able to move quickly and out smart others.

His innocence by doing everything he does to help others before his self. Intuition buy being a smart and quick thinker and lastly being one with nature by riding on the elephants. Now that you know what Romantic Hero must me like. Do you know any others?