Individual Behavior and Communication

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Individual Behavior and Communication

Cory Price

Monica Valdez

University of Phoenix

Mgt 344

Dan Alder

October 01, 2008

Individual Behavior and Communication

People can share with each other through many types of communication. The continued existence of an organization relies on individuals who are competent in maintaining effectual and ongoing relationships. If we recognize organizational communication, we will be aware of the business itself. This paper describes organizational behavior and ethical responsibilities in detail.

Communication can be stated as "the transition of sense among personnel and groups" (Hall, 1980). Communication may vary from carrying out a job or assignment to generating and rewarding human relationships. To have effective communication in any situation there must be a clear exchange of information between personnel or groups. There also needs to be a confirmation of understanding between both parties. If something happens beside the mode to alter the sender's unique meaning, the communication is unsuccessful in its intention.

"Communication might be thought as a functional fraction of an organizational system, and it can be measured in an interpersonal framework" (Ackoff, 1985).

The individual behavior in an organization frequently demands moral relativism when mitigating the dealings. Let us take for example; any one may argue that inside a group of friends, an exacting accomplishment is

acceptable; however, the majority ethicists decline the hypothesis of ethical relativism. Ethicists disagree with that while we can be familiar with dissimilarity in social practices, there are ordinary basic ethical ideologies underlying those applications.

Generally at the individual level in a work group the anxiety is focused on getting the work done while still upholding sensible relationships with group associates. Even though ethical communication is understood in a group task, it is hardly ever discussed openly. While a number of ethical...