Individual Behavior and Communication Paper

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In this paper the elements that influence individual behavior will be compared and contrasted. We will also discuss how the elements of communication can impact an individual's behavior in managing organizational behavior. The following are some of the characteristics we will discuss: ethical responsibility, diversity, beliefs, attitudes, and values, leadership communication responsibility, communication barriers. Furthermore, we will also discuss as to why these characteristics have developed in the organization.

Ethical ResponsibilityEthical responsibility can be defined in several ways. One would be "In accordance with principles of right or good conduct" (Roget's, 2008). The ethical responsibility of an individual is of tremendous influence to the one's demeanor. It will determine the individuals conduct and in turn the image of the company. The vital element of ethical business behavior is personal integrity and moral character. The indicator to personal integrity is that moral compass we call our conscience.

Individual behaviors can be affected by dealing with different types of ethical responsibility such as economical, social and environmental pressures.

In managing organizational behaviors, Cox Media had to adjust budgets and forecasts based on the demand of service for small and large businesses. This impacts individual behaviors because the accountants, and finance directors are looking at their bottom line to come up with solutions. The advertising environment is currently unstable due to major cutbacks and the weak economy. However, senior officials at Cox Media are launching different types of advance advertising ideas to existing clients. As leaders Cox Media's code of ethical responsibility is for those leaders to thrive and succeed in any situation, including helping out the community in everyway possible, to keep small business owners open for business.

The ethical responsibility at Eagles Peak Charter School (EPCS) is to comply with the State of California's academic and business regulations in maintaining accreditation...