Individual freedoms are under attack due to intrusion by government into our daily lives.

Essay by rabbit100 April 2003

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Today many of our individual freedoms are under attack due to intrusion by government into our daily lives. I am going to convince you that the government should not ban smoking.

I will be presenting three points. My first point is that smoking is legal and has been for many years, Secondly, eduaction and eccomidation is the key. My last point is the incidence of smoking is reducing, to the extent that it will probably almost vanish in 30 years through education and publicity.

I take the point that smoking is associated with health risks. The medical evidence is hard to deny. We also agree that smoking should be discouraged. However, I intend to show what our theme states, that banning smoking is an immoral and impractical attack on individual freedom. I am therefore arguing even organizations such as Quit Australia and the AMA call for other means of controlling smoking and not banning, due to erosion of individual rights.

We are not just talking about banning smoking in certain areas such as aeroplanes and restaurants, but totally banning it everywhere forever.

Smoking is legal and has been for centuries ever since Sir Walter Raleigh brought tobacco back from the New World and taught Queen Elizabeth to smoke. People smoke in every part of the world and obviously gain considerable pleasure from the habit. Many people find smoking helps to relieve stress that might otherwise have to be treated with drugs or alcohol or psychotherapy.

Banning smoking would set a very dangerous preeeecedent of government power over freedom of choice. Our grandfathers fought in the war against governments who tried to take away peoples freedom. This jackboot approach to democracy is unacceptable. If smoking was banned what would be next?

There are a lot of things that people do for...