Individual, group and Society

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A world consists of societies, a society consists of groups, and a group consists of individuals. People who share common purposes or goals would form a group. Common purposes or goals create solidarity - the sense of we-ness in a group. As the forms of solidarity, attraction, loyalty, identification and association exists in a group. What does attraction, loyalty, identification and association mean in the relationships among individuals in a group. In what occasion, these things can be seen in real life. A group can be also formed by people who share common characteristics or conditions. How Samuel P. Oliner, one of Holocaust survivor, think the difference of groups in such extreme condition. To accomplish a task sometimes needs help, but wants to accomplish without any assistance. Eventually failed to accomplish the task. In what situation can this dilemma, which is caused by persistence and attachment to a task, be seen? As well as an individual has conflict in his/herself, groups, which formed by individuals, have conflict in themselves.

It is sometimes called social conflict.

What are attraction, loyalty, identification and association as forms of solidarity? In the textbook attraction is defined as positive affective attachment to another person (71). This definition can be applied to the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, and either father or mother and child. For example, the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend might be heavily depended on attraction to each other because until they met together, they are completely unknown different two individuals who have nothing in common. Then once positive relationship is built, it seems everything is common between them. They even might think they are born to be together. And if the relationship based on attraction works out, these two people, used to be completely two different people, would get...