Individual Isolation

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21 February 2014

Individual Isolation

In the short story "The Guest", written by Albert Camus, it tells of a meeting taking place on the brink of the Algerian uprising, between a French Algerian schoolteacher, who has chosen to live in isolation for the past year, and of an Arab prisoner. The story encompasses the idea of human choice and accountability and how choices thought to be made with the best intentions, can inadvertently affect one. "The Guest" also has many reoccurring sub-themes such as alienation, freedom and morality all of which contribute to the central theme of choice.

Although Camus did not consider himself as an Extentionalist, according to Stanford University, believed life to be absurd as well as meaningless. This can be seen in his essay titled "Lemythe de sisyphe" written in 1942.

Although, he later changed his mind and philosophized that humans always had a choice and that the only choice they did not have was not to choose. In his eyes, this is what gave the meaning to life.

In the beginning paragraphs of the story it is clear for the reader to see the main characters, Daru, faces isolation at its finest, both physical and moral. For example, in describing the newcomers he says "They had not yet tackled the abrupt rise leading to the schoolhouse built on the hillside." (65 Gioia) The schoolhouse being built on the hillside shows that the school is not meant to be reached easily, which also signifies that many people would not attempt to visit unless they had business to do so. Therefore, Daru's reaction to visitors, other than the students, would provide to be much of a inconvenience for him as solitude...