An individual research project where students examine why young peoples perceptions of Physical Education and Sport may vary. TOPIC: HOW BODY IMAGE AFFECTS EXERCISE ACTIVITY IN TEENS? (includes bib)

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There are an extensive number of external variables that influence the participation levels of young people in sport and their subsequent perceptions towards sport and exercise. The determinants of health can be categorized into: lifestyle, heredity, access to health services and the environment- further divided into physical environment and sociocultural environment. Health reasons are not the only motives individuals have for taking part in sports. In the teenage category in particularly the main motives for exercise are related to appearance, competition and excitement, fun and enhanced competence.

"Body image involves our perception, imagination, emotions, and physical sensations of and about our bodies. This may have no bearing at all on your actual appearance."

The relationship between exercise and body satisfaction is surely a dynamic one. For example, regular involvement in an exercise program may, at the onset, produce biologic reinforcers like improved muscle tone, increased stamina, and reduction of body weight and fat content.

Together, these factors may, at least in the short term, enhance one's body esteem. However, diligent exercise involvement can also have negative consequences, particularly among emotionally susceptible, highly critical or fiercely competitive exercisers. Comparison between one's own shape and that of ultra-slender models may also foster a critical view of one's physical appearance and an increasing sense of disenchantment (Davis, 1997). Furthermore, it may be that although exercise enhances a persons' body image, his/her idealized body image begins to shift toward a higher standard, with the resultant dissatisfaction remaining the same regardless of objective improvement.

My study is an investigation into how Body Image determines the levels of participation and individual perception/ attitudes towards sport. This study mainly focuses on the comparison of the similarities and differences of how body image impacts upon males and females in a certain age group in relation to levels...