Individualism vs Teamwork

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"Individualism vs Teamwork" by Tim Bryce (, 6 Dec. 2006) offers tips on how to foster a homogeneous working environment that promotes the concept of teamwork. Organizational objectives cannot be achieved unless every member in the team works in harmony. Managers are always searching for ways to improve team effectiveness. "Teams" seems to be a buzzword in today's business world. It doesn't necessarily mean that people comprehend anything that goes beyond the word's literal meaning. For a country well-known for its high degree of individualism, Americans might not be natural born team players. However, teamwork can be taught and developed. Tim Bryce's suggestions in "Individualism vs Teamwork" not only teach managers the ways to establish a working environment conducive to teamwork but also emphasize how important it is for managers to understand the need for teamwork.

As mentioned by Bryce in the article (2006), "groups, departments or whole divisions are trying to behave more as a team as opposed to a group of individuals."

Managing an effective team is different from managing a group. A group is generated from members within the same vicinity for purposes of sharing and implementing information. A group helps themselves in sharing new information but maintains their working relations beyond such tasks. On the other hand, teams are generated for the purpose of completing a specific assignment. These individuals are not usually together but have similar levels of expertise within their own realm of the organization. Because of this formation diversity, conflict occurs and must be managed, corrected, and resolved properly (Buhler, 2006).

A project team is a team whose members belong to different groups, functionalities, or skill sets that are brought together and assigned to an organizational goal or negotiation. A team can be divided into sub-teams according to need. Usually project teams are...