Is Individuality Really Important?

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In our American culture it is widely stressed how important it is to be “your own person,” many people spend much of their adolescent years, and beyond, vying for ways to call attention to themselves. Most people never succeed in this pursuit, but some do, and the ones that succeed are put up on a pedestal in society and given the title of “celebrity”. I believe the problem of uniqueness is a nonissue and should be treated as such.

People tend to affirm their conformity in society by outwardly stating and showing how “unique” they are. These people, unbeknownst to them, contradict themselves, and merely fall into another category of conformity. Although in individual cases, it is not impossible to be unique, the “monkey see, monkey do” mentality eventually takes hold.

An everyday example of this “Simon Says” game, are the fashion fads that spread so quickly throughout schools. Whether you wear obnoxious amounts of jewelry, or spike your hair into a “faux hawk” it’s impossible to pick up any new fashion without falling into a fashion fad.

Every time you turn a corner in a school or any other public area, you are bound to run into an example of this.

People should recognize that being normal is part of life, and to a large extent, is embraced by our culture. It is only an effect of human nature to fall into the crowd; the evolutionary process can explain this easily. If someone else succeeds with something, it is our instinct to imitate it, because we know it works.

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**This was originally an SAT essay prompt, the essay focuses on developing a point of view and giving examples that evidence that point of view.