Individualized Education Program

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Individualized Education Program

Name: Derek M. Age: 10

Parent/Guardian: Mrs. M School: Elementary School

Primary Language: Student: English Home: English

Disability classification: Grade Level: 4th

Skill Area: Reading and Comprehension

Present Level of Performance:

Based on a broad based reading assessment test that Derek has taken, It is very clear that Derek is significantly below what children his age should be scoring according to these test. His word identification skills put him in the 11th percentile with a score of 82 and a grade level of 3.4. He pronounced 57 words correctly, and when confronted with a word he did not know he tried to sound it out. On the Word Attack section of the test Derek scored significantly below what the average child should be scoring at his age. He was able to decode only 10 words out of the 24 he tried ending up with a 1.6 grade level.

Derek's word comprehension skills showed that he was only slightly below the norm when confronted with providing antonyms, synonyms, and analogies. This placing him in the 3.5 grade equivalent when not read to him. Derek's score on the passage comprehension part of the test places him in a 2.8 grade equivalent level, only able to answer 29 out of 44 questions that he attempted. Overall it is shown through the test that Derek's scores generally increase when the material is read aloud to him.

Annual Goal: Derek will gradually increase his 2.8 grade equivalency on reading and comprehension to about the 4th grade level.

Short-term objective: Derek will increase his word identification grade level from a 3.4 to a 3.6 and so on, gradually increasing the skill level as he begins to show signs of improvement.

Short-term objective: Derek will begin to see a remedial reading specialist to improve...