The Indiviual

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We are all Individuals. But why? Why should we take the effort to be so much diffrent than any one else in the world. Do we even try to be diffrent? Are we all in reality just the same. How can we all possibly be indivuals.

I am an individual. live for the moment, and the moment is now and forever. I live by no one elses standadrds, only my own. I foillow no group and am bound by no words. I shall be free and take flight. I will not be captured only open to the posibility. Why ne held back? I need not to be contained. I demand to breath.

How am I an individual? I just am. I say what I say adn do what I do. I know not a singlr bounry placed infrotm of me. I hear no voices telling me to stop. I am not a sheep.

Fear is a four letter word. I believe this with my whole heart. To achieve you hav eto believe and I do believe. I need no one ot tell em I am wrong, I am an indiviual.

I dare you to test me and same that I am not. Tell me how I am like the rest. I personally rest assured on the fact that I am completely diffrent than any other soul you well ever meet in this world.

I am an individual.