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Statement of intent

What is the project? I have decided to construct a modern study desk for my HSC major project.

What does it do?


How to test it

You have to be able to easily fit your legs under the table while sitting.

Get someone to sit at the table.

It has to have enough room to have books and other accessories on the table.

Have a look at the boarding house how much material students have on their table and evaluate if my project will have enough space.

It has to be strong enough for it to not break while you're using it.

Try to work at this table.

All the mechanisms have to work smoothly, and without putting any extra pressure.

Check if all the mechanisms are working smoothly by getting someone to try to use them.

It has to be stable and not wiggling around while using it.

Check if all the screws are screwed in properly and try to use the table and see if it moves around.

It has to be easily movable

Try to move it

It has to be smooth

Feel if it is rough or smooth.

How does it work?

The study desk I am designing will provide a surface to store study material, it is going to provide "2 levels" of surface so you can store more material.

What else can it be used for?

A study desk I am constructing is mainly meant for students in their rooms. It can also be used as an office table or a table for flowers in a living room.

Who would be using it?

The target audience for this project would be students and office employees who need a stable desk which has enough space to store their materials. I will...