Indonesia - an essay on it's geography, climate, early history, natural resources and government

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Indonesia was founded on August 17, 1945 under the name, the Republic of Indonesia and before 1945 it was ruled by the Dutch. But even a half a million years before the Dutch even set foot in Indonesia soil prehistoric humans began to settle the land. Not until sixty thousand years ago though were there fully developed human settlements there. Then in 1511 the Dutch started to rule Indonesia (then Java) because it had some of the best coffee beans and spices in the known world. They ended up taking seventy-five percent of the coffee and spices for themselves and mistreating the Indonesian people. Then in 1941 the Indonesian people started a war against the Dutch rulers and four years later they won their independence.

Indonesia is located in the southeast part of Asia. It consists of thirteen thousand six hundred and seventy - seven islands which are located along the equator between Asia and Australia.

It shares land boundaries with Malaysia and Papua New Guinea and has a tropical climate. The temperature at sea level averages eighty degrees Fahrenheit all year long with humidity of 80 percent. It has both a wet and dry season. The wet season is from November to March and the dry season is from June to October. The dry and wet seasons are caused by different monsoons. On average the driest regions in Indonesia receive about thirty-five to forty inches of rain each year and the wettest regions receive seventy to one hundred twenty-five inches each year.

Indonesia has a population of about two hundred twenty-five million and is the world's forth largest country. It has more males than females and the oldest males are typically favored. Indonesia's population is growing by one and sixty-three hundredths percent each year. Since this birth rate...