Indoor Air Pollution: "Home is Where the Hazard is"

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It seems as though everyone is related to or has befriended someone who has suffered or is currently suffering from some type of cancer or respiratory disorder. Years ago cancer awareness was nonexistent, and the thought of overcoming such a disease was considered to be phenomenal. Is it possible to believe that due to the increase in air pollutants indoors, the number of cancer patients and individuals suffering with respiratory disorders are growing to become more massive in percentage?

Indoor air pollution is the compound combination of toxic gases and particles that can harm your health (Air Resource Board, 2006). Indoor air pollution is more commonly overlooked due to the questioning of out door air pollution; even though being affected by indoor pollutants are two to five times more likely than that of outdoor pollutants (Division for Air Quality, 2006). Pollution is a major issue that deserves the attention of every individual, because no matter if the pollution occurs indoors or outdoors, pollution in itself is the cause of major problems from respiratory disorders to cancer.

State the Problem

Indoor air pollution is now more harmful to the health of individuals than outdoor pollution. The majority of common health problems individuals suffer from is a direct result of air pollution; some of these problems are asthma, respiratory tract infections, allergic reactions, headaches, congestion, eye and skin irritations, allergies, etc.( Division for Air Quality, 2006).

Air pollution in the work place stems from the collection of dust mites, leaks, uncontrollable humidity and moisture due to improper air conditioning and ventilation; combined with the usage of synthetic building materials, cleaning products and pesticides (Indoor Air Pollution, 2006). In areas where moisture is uncontrollable, mold then becomes an issue. Air pollution in schools comes from moisture and mold growth, the release of...