Industirial Revolution

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The European continent and its inhabitants have constantly gone through a florid variety of changes, from the time when the Roman and Greek Empires ruled most of that region of earth to the Medieval Age to the Renaissance and even currently in the 21st century. However the most drastic change that as affected most if not the entire world was given the title of the Industrial Revolution by writers of the time period. The first Industrial Revolution occurred during the second half of the eighteenth century and began in Great Britain. The second occurred later on in history and in some countries still occurring. As a result this drastic change called the Industrial Revolution had many affects both negative and positive on the world then and now.

Many factors have been linked to being one of many causes, which resulted in the Industrial Revolution. An event in history that was a major contributing factor of the Industrial Revolution was the Agricultural Revolution.

During the Agricultural Revolution many new methods of farming were developed. The use of the open-field system, the exploitation of root crops, and newly developed inventions like the seed drill and horse hoe led to an increased production of farm goods. Pioneers such as Robert Bakewell formed new ways to maintain livestock and make certain traits like white wool in sheep to become dominant and easily controlled.

Since England is a limited country when it comes to land these new methods of farming suited the farmers and residents perfectly. At the time the main markets were in coal because England had used up all if not most of its resources. These resources included the precious oak tree and wood it provided.

This increase of food resulted in a dramatic increase in Europe's population.

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