Industrial Age

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Think About it: How did the Industrial Age affect us presently? As industrialism burgeoned, it spread across Europe and continued overseas; many changes occurred in both western economies and cultures. This essay will discuss some of the changes in society that still affect us today. Without the Industrial Age, we would not have the same scientific knowledge, educational standards, or social structure/values that presently guide us.

Science, including medicine, was a rapidly growing field in the Industrial Age. There are many scientific discoveries that stemmed from the Industrial Age that we take for granted.

In1885, Louis Pasteur, a French scientist, discovered the vaccine for rabies, a potentially fatal disease which still exists today. The steam-powered engine allowed for numerous uses like railroads and powering machines in factories. Not only inventions and discoveries were being stumbled upon, but scientific theories as well. John Dalton developed the Atomic Theory, the theory that states the fundamental rules which modern chemistry is based upon.

Dmitri Mendeleyev came up with the first basic drafts of the modern periodic table of elements.

Meanwhile, Charles Darwin was applying his theory of natural selection, which includes evolutionary theories, to biology. It later came to be called "survival of the fittest." During the Industrial Age, there were contributions to the future in education as well.

Some governments set up public schools where students were taught math, reading, and writing.

Schools also introduced the young into obedience to authority, punctuality, disciplined work habits, and patriotism. All of these things are still core ideas pressed into children from 1st grade on (we sang the pledge of allegiance until 9th grade). High schools were being better developed in places like the U.S., where it is required today. Universities revised their curriculums, and trained people to work in the industrial...