Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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Today there are many fields of psychology. Industrial/Organizational psychology is an exhilarating field that has been enjoying constant growth in the United States and throughout the modern world for almost 100 years. Understanding psychology can be a little difficult. This paper will discuss what industrial/organizational psychology is, the difference between industrial and organizational psychology, the importance research is, validity and reliability. Industrial/Organizational psychology is different from other psychologies.

What is industrial/organizational psychology? Industrial/organizational psychology also known as I/O psychology is the study of an individual's behavior in the workplace. I/O psychology is extremely important in the workplace. It helps promote productive work behavior. I/O psychology is recruitment, selection, placement, training, development, performance management, motivation and reward systems; organizational development, quality of life work, consumer behavior and the structure of work and human factors. According to Spector, "I/O psychology falls into the latter category of being concerned with both psychological science and application to issues of people in organizations" (2006).

Even though industrial/organizational psychology may sound like one type of psychology it is not.

Industrial/organizational psychology is broken up into two parts, the industrial (or personnel) and the organizational. Spector stated "although the content of the two major divisions overlaps and cannot be easily separated, each grew out of different traditions in the history of the field" (2006). Industrial psychology is the older branch of the two and clearly focuses solely on recruitment, selection, classification, compensation, and performance appraisal. Organizational psychology was industrialized from the human relations movement in organizations. The organizational side of I/O psychology focuses more on the individual employee rather than the group. Organizational psychology is socialization, motivation, occupational stress, leadership, group performance, and organizational development. Although this is a different type of psychology, it still has research.

Research is very significant concerning psychology. Research is the...