The Industrial Revoltuion

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I decided to write about chapter three because I really like learning about the Industrial Revolution and how it changed the entire economy. The first document I read about was very hard to understand. Most of it seemed like someone who didn't have a clue what they were talking about, yet other parts promise to help all people in need. Emma Lazars was the daughter of a prosperous Jewish family in New York, she wrote this poem to help raise funds for the Statue of Liberty to have a pedestal to sit on. The verse or poem she wrote appears at the base of the statue, which was usually the first thing immigrants saw when they arrive in the harbor of New York. I believe that this immigrant took advantage of the conditions in the US by trying to make money her own creative way. The Industrial Revolution definitely provided her with a great opportunity to make herself know for a very long time to come.

Something she probably had no clue she was doing, but ended up making history for herself.

The next two documents are very contradicting, because one is praised on how easy it is to go to America and make loads of money fast, and the other can barely keep work or food constant. Document two is from the perspective of a young boy who is very excited about the golden country he hears about. He makes it seem like the conditions of America are nothing but opportunities waiting for people to be in command of. In the dialogue of document three, a man answers questions of his work, wages, meals and family. This immigrant makes the conditions of America look very poor and poverty stricken. He hardly makes a dollar and a half...