Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was an improvement to our nation. The revolution begins with small farms in the 1700?s that began to be wealthy landowners. They turned the land into factories to produce items faster. During the revolution people started growing their crops differently so they grew faster. The textile industry was the main part of the revolution. The revolution gave today many advantages to society. It increased the economy for at the time and it introduced the time period for new ideas. The Industrial Revolution set standards for the economy, provided people with new jobs and inventions, and spread the industry and cultures.

The revolution made many changes occur throughout several countries. There were economy changes during the whole revolution. It changed from communism to capitalism. There were union and non-union companies. They began new corporations in order make a better profit. In these corporations the employee?s would invest in stock.

The mass production of things also helped the economy. It helped make a lot of the corporation?s money.

The Industrial Revolution helped people find jobs. Since people had to move off of their farms, they moved to cities. They found many jobs in the factories. The work and conditions where hard but they made money. This was an up rise for the middle class.

During the Industrial Revolution many inventions were created. The inventions increased the economy and helped out on lifestyles of today. Crop rotation was one way of helping out agriculture. The inventions where a big help to agriculture and textiles. Robert Fulton invented the steamboat out of a steam engine. Hartwick made the Spinning Jenny. Eli Whitney created the cotton gin. In 1814, George Stephenson made the first steam engine. All of these inventions increased the amount of products, which also helped out the economy.

The Industrial Revolution still effects today because without it, the numerous small inventions that make every day life easier would still not be around. The revolution also put people out of dangerous factory work that machines now do. Most of all the industrial revolution made people start thinking about how inventions save not only time, but also money.