The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution changed many lives forever, and advanced technology to an extent that was only imaginable, some would call this an age of progress in Europe. One main question to ask is; what is progress? Progress is defined as moving forward or improving, and in the case of the Industrial Revolution advancing society as a whole. This technological advancement, called the Industrial Revolution, required the hard labor and of many men, women, and children. Without the sacrifice made by the working class of the late eighteenth century the revolution could not have had a positive outcome nor advanced Western Civilization as we see it today. For society to move forward there is always a price to pay. Many people say that this improving and advancing of society could be achieved in many other ways other than the hard labor and intolerable abuse of many people. Though human suffering and sacrifice may not necessary, it is inevitable because of human nature.

The hard work of the people helped the system progress in many ways. Without the harsh child labor conditions during the Industrial Revolution the Child Labor system would not have been outlawed. Without the extensive hours worked by the men, women, and children the 40-hour work would not have come about.

The modern, industrial societies created by the Industrial Revolution have come at a cost. The nature of work became worse for many people, and industrialization placed great pressure on traditional family structures as work moved outside the home. Child labor was harsh during the Industrial Revolution, and without these hard working conditions the system could not have progressed. During the Industrial Revolution it was inevitable to avoid Child Labor. This was because of the dire need of small people who could fit into small openings.