Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was the result of many changes which made agricultural economies into industrial ones. Productivity and technical efficiency increased rapidly. The Industrial Revolution led to the growth of cities which allowed peole to move from rural basic communities to more modern urban communities where peolpe could start a more modern based city living.

The changes brought by the Industrial Revolution changed traditional economies aswell as societies too. Economic changes caused social changes, which allowed people from lower standard communties to move into a more urban based community, which gave a better disbursment of commercial goods . It also allowed people a new way of doing buisness. The Industrial Revolution was the first step economic growth and development.

The Industrial Revolution changed the lives of women and children. Women were usuall in the house all day now they could work in factories. Children were valuable in jobs that adults were not able to do.

Children were sold to factories and abused by their bosses for being slow or lazy. Workers were sometimes hurt or disfigured from a part of thier body on the job. Coal miners ruined their lungs from dust of mines. Factory workers lost fingers or limbs by a factory machine.

The social class were people that benefited most from the Industrial Revolution those who invested factories, inventors, or skilled artisans used talents that made marketable goods. Social class enjoyed greater prosperity and usually better health. The social class which usually lived in nice homes with good clothes and had lots food to eat, had it easier than most peolpe.

The ladies in the social class were encouraged ladylike activities such as embroidery, playing the piano, or drawing. True social ladies did not work outside from the house and did not do physical work around the house.