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American dream promises equal opportunity to pursuit one's happiness, personal wellbeing, and reward for all those Americans and immigrants who endure, overcome, and ultimately prevail hardships. However during the era of American Industrialization, many people were exploited and forced to work or else face starvation. New inventions increased the rate of production and the efficiency of the workers, thus greatly increasing profit. Success of capitalism further promoted continuation of exploitations lead on by few rich that are influential. American Industrialization had a negative effect on many groups of people, who were pursuing the great American Dream, and yet oppressed by selfish, greed driven upper class.

With the introduction of the machinery, factory owners no longer needed "skilled" craft workers for production of factory goods. The machines performed faster, better and with more reliability. At most jobs in factories required neither great strength no special skills any more. The owners thought women could do the work just as well as or better than men.

In addition, they were more "docile" and "compliant". Therefore, many women workers were hired during the progressivism era. Even though the wage was low, working hours were long and working condition was less than satisfactory, these women had no choice but to work, for they need to support their family. The tale of Rose Stokes is a good example. The factory owners were getting richer and richer, by cutting wages, and providing less compensation for his workers. Many times, women went on strike to protest the wage cut and hour increase. Nevertheless, it proved useless, because of the rapid influx of poor immigrants arriving into United States from Europe: to earn a living, these immigrants were willing to accept even lower wages and poorer working conditions.

Women in America did not have the right to vote...