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Social studies test #2

Terms 8

Industrial revolution- in England from 1750-1850 their was a dramatic increase in inventions esp. in textiles and population increased

Enclosure system- the enclosure of farms so small farmers could not use them for pasture so they were forced to move to the cities

Revocation of the edict of nantes 1685- louise XIV of france tepealed this act taking away toleration from protestants in france these were the skilled workers and inventors who went to Holland and England and eventually their grandchildren became the great inventors of the revolution

Domestic system- old system where everything was produced in the home this was replaced by the factory system.

Arnold toynbee- coined the term the industrial revolution

Requirements for becoming a technological society are:

Natural resources

Risk capital

Cheap labor

Technical ability/inventors

Available markets

Geographic factors

Supportive government

Transportation system

Factors hindering France's industrialization are:

France was in the hub of Europe which was plagued with war while England was isolated so france was to busy defending themselves to revolutionize

Money was not safe or stable in france so people willing to risk capital were hard to come by

They did not have as much cole and iron ore as England

The enclosure system provided England with abundant cheap labor

The revocation of the edict of nantes

England had a damper climate which was good for the textiles

They were affected by the guild system which England was not which just added to taxes without which ppl would have been much more likely to invent and purchase

They lacked a supportive government.

Terms 9

Sadler committee- in 1832 parliament member sadler called a meeting to hear if the stories about labor abuse were true.

Factory act-1833- inacted as a result of the sadler committee, it stated...