Industrial Revolution Was the Industrial Revolution for the better or worse for humanity?

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Since the beginning of time there were many significant time periods where great changes are induced upon the world and the whole globe is affected by its outcome. One such time period is the Industrial Revolution, which impacted the lives of many throughout the world. It spread all around the world like wildfire and altered the way of life for thousands of people, and the lives of their descendants forever.

Similar to how all major changes that affect the world have one point of origin, for example, the Scientific Revolution, which stemmed from the questions raised by curious philosophers; the Industrial Revolution is no exception, as it was also born from one place: England. The Industrial Revolution sprouted in the mid 18th century from England for a number of reasons, including the geographic and economic advantages that this country possessed. England had many natural resources within itself, such as wool, cotton, iron, coal, lead, and tin, as depicted in Document 3.

It also had the largest merchant marine in the world, and natural harbors which made exporting and importing goods convenient and inexpensive (Document 6). The economic state of the country was very stable due to the fact that it had a national bank, and the merchants of England had excess capital to invest in business ventures (Document 6).

The Industrial Revolution affected the lives of many people, some for the better, others for the worse. However, the overall impact on humanity is good, as it allowed more children to live through to adulthood, provided more food at lower costs, and supplied jobs for those who needed to support their family. Before industrialization, peasants lived in small mud buildings with the floors and walls covered in grime, which they shared with their livestock. These peasants owned one bed situated...