Industrial Revolution technological advancements.

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In perhaps one of the most critical turning points in the world's history, the Industrial Revolution ushered in an age of unparalleled technological advancements and economic expansion so immense, that its impact can still be felt today. Lasting from the late1800s until the1960s, the industrial age dramatically altered almost every facet of life. Beginning with the growth of the steal industry, which would later lead to led to the development of the first steam engines and the construction of improved shipping canals a new transportation infrastructure emerged. In a push towards newer, more efficient and innovative ways of performing tasks, the twentieth century began as the world's agrarian focus shifted to the mass production of industrial goods. For the first time in history the composition of the work force shifted as farmers and other manual laborers became entered the ranks of the newly formed blue-collar workers.

Characterized by a rapid, almost exponential, expansion of the economy, the industrial age marks a formative time in the history of business.

The concept of expansion of trade was first introduce with the invention of the assembly line, and its subsequent impact on automobile industry. As the world became more technologically advanced and as individual freedom of movement grew the synergistic combination of telephone and road networks brought attention to the necessity of a more efficient communication system.

But as the world entered a period of recession in the 1930s innovation and technological advancement temporarily stagnated. In a move that forever changed the composition of the labor force, women entered the work force when the United States entered World War II. Proving themselves to be as competent as their male counterparts, women made their first appearance in labor market. Although the number of women in full time positions dropped dramatically after the end of...