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Clarissa Melendez

Miss. Stein

U.S History



In the late 19th century and going into the 20th century, industrialization affected the way Americans lived. Industrialization was caused by the surplus of natural resources, immigrants that were in need of jobs, and the increase of tariffs on foreign made products. Industrialization was a time of new technology, women's rights, labor movements, and better working conditions. It changed the U.S in a positive way by improving the quality of life for Americans.

New technology was invented during industrialization. Railroads were improved. This made it easier to travel or move goods one place to another. More and more factories were being built to produce more goods such as iron and coal. An example would be the image of a coal and iron company that was located near Canal Dover, Ohio. Alexander Bell invented the telephone during this time period. This changed how people communicated with each other.

Many telephone companies put up miles of wire for long-distance communicating. Guglielmo Marconi was the man to invent the wireless telegraph. This invention led into developing the radio. The Bessemer process was used to efficiently produce steel. Suspension bridges were also starting to be built. All these inventions led people to communicate, travel, and expand businesses in ways they never had before.

Women, in the time period of industrialisation started to become more involved in the workforce and started to gain more rights. They started to work in factories, working as laundresses, telegraph operators, and typists. Women also worked in factories just like any man of that time era would. They were able to help their families and help contribute to the growth of the United States. When women started gaining more rights labor unions started to grow immensely. Labor unions protected the rights of...