Industrialization and Economy

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In the late 1800's the United States of America was changed in many different ways. From changing with new inventions, dramatic increase in growth, and different forms of transportation. These changes had a big affect on the economy. This was the process by which the United States changed from a farm to a manufacturing economy.

The building of the railroad had a major impact on our country. The railroad went from Los Angeles to New Orleans, from St. Louis to Virginia, bringing Americans together. The growing railroad network paved the way for American industry to expand to the west. The railroad opened the entire U.S. to settlement and economic growth. Manufacturing companies moved westward. Manufacturing center for agricultural equipment moved from central N.Y. to Illinois and Wisconsin. Business growth and formation of corporations, and oil discovery created more jobs, fueling the economy.

Inventions revolutionized transportation and communication and brought Americans together.

Inventors such as George Westinghouse designed air brakes; this improved the system for stopping trains. This made train travel safer. Eli Janey made the janey car couplers; railroad workers were able to link cars together, for transporting goods. Gustave Swift developed refrigerated cars, good for transporting meats and other perishables. George Pullman developed the Pullman sleeping car. This was for over night journeys, improved dining and luxury. In 1968 Christopher Sholes developed the typewriter. 1876 Alexander Bell invented the telephone, Bell Telephone Company. 1876 Edison invented the first light bulb. 1844 Samuel Morse developed the telegraph, opened telegraph offices, Western Union, using Morse code. These were all great invention that made the American lives easier and made our country grow.

Shop keepers relied on telegrams for orders. Newspapers relied on the telegraph to transmit stories. Americans were sending personal messages. The typewriter helped businesses operate more efficiently, along...