Industrialization has been constantly progressing in our country for over

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Industrialization has been constantly progressing in our country for over 100 years. This does not apply to ever country though, there are some countries in Asia, South America, and Africa that has not even began to industrialize. But, neighboring cities and countries of these tribes that have yet industrialized are having an extreme impact on these simple people. As cities overcrowd they are expanding into the forest were these tribes have dwelled for hundreds of years.

A tribe in Brazil has realized that they can buy a bag of food for a few bucks that would usually take those hours to harvest from the forest. Due to the many of the tribes people have given up there families and traditions to find a "greater life" in the city. Most of them get jobs in trashy factories with terrible working conditions in hopes they will make money to buy goods.

It has gotten worse through the years. Now sacred ritual fires are being lit with butane lighters bought at a general store, berries picked from various bushes in the forest are being stored in Tupperware containers, and tribesmen hike through the woods hunting for food while their feet are being protected from sticks and thorns by a brand new pair of rubber soled tennis shoes. All of this is happening in a village with mud huts and thatch roofs in the middle of a rainforest in Brazil. It really is a unbelievable sight to see.

Industrialization has introduced the tribe to more than just food or products but also tobacco items like dip and cigarettes. The influences are bad in many ways but no one can say that it wouldn't happen sooner or later. Industrialization will bring food, wealth, education, and better housing tom these people. But, needless to say it will also bring their century old traditions to a bitter end. Industrialization will bring for more good to a country than bad and industrialization is the key to a better tomorrow.