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Industry Analysis In the past the base of people going to clubs and concerts has grown, it is growing, and should continue to grow. But the number of places for people to attend these events has stayed very small, relative to the customer base. Also those in the industry have been able to perform very strong, due to the excess of customers.

The industry size for this type of business is small. There are not many, if any, new clubs being opened up at the moment, this agitates the patrons of the current establishments because they have to put up with the same thing over and over. If this business were to get up and running its future looks very promising. Opening it up would allow the club to tap into the surplus of patrons and let it start generating a profit practically immediately.

This industry is stable and this is how it has been for about thirty years.

The clubs that are around now have been around for a long time and the people are getting bored with them. A new club would be very inciting to these customers.

To a certain extent this business is seasonal. In the summer there are more events to take advantage of nice weather, holidays, etc; people will still want to see concerts and got to the club. In the winter the average number of people in the club will be more constant, due to the lack of things to do in the snowy months. This industry is dependent on the music industry, but only to a certain extent. If there were no musical acts coming out there would be no concerts during the week. But there is still enough music around now to keep the club scene going for years to...