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Surprisingly our individuality puts us into our own unique clichés. We have as a society strived to all become individuals and not be alike, but in a sick way, we clump together, as groups of "individuals" who all look and act like the next. The "mini-society" we choose to be apart of makes us who we are, that is what dictates how we act. If you are "unique" enough to obtain social standing in this group you might have enough power to influence the other lemmings.

Often most people find a group of people that they feel comfortable being with. They share the same ideas, the same morals, the same political views, the same clothing brands, are very comfortable and never go outside the realm they know of. Even though this is a comfortable and predictable existence and gives the forever sought stability, it's boring and unimaginative, and is not unique at all.

No matter how many eccentric art shows they go to, or crazy restaurants they try, these people are all the same, their vision of being unique is a fraud.

Good portions of the time people who share the same label are to afraid to find out anything else about them selves besides what they already know. It's too easy to stay boring, one sided, and think you are unique instead of actually going out and experiencing the world. Granted, there are people out there who don't just fit into one category and actually know something about them selves and are not afraid to leave the safety of what they know already. They purchase items because they truly like them, not because every one has one. They can settle for a hot dog and not the new posh restaurant downtown. They are happy because they know who they are. These are the truly unique people of the world.

As more and more people become comfortable under their labels and people become less unique and more alike the others need to break free. People need to discover who else they are, and may be, they will find that they are not who they think they are and do not fit so nicely under their labels. This is a dream though. People will always choose to be accepted and alike instead of whom they really want to be and really are. Why is our world such and oxymoron?