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The Indwelling is a very interesting and suspenseful book. It is book number 7 in a series of 9 so far. This book is written in the future, but the series begins with what could be the soon present. The authors have a very good way of keeping your interest throughout the whole book and the whole series.

The whole series is about the Rapture. This book, The Indwelling, is about the resurrection of the anti-Christ. It starts out with the end of the last book. Rayford Steele, one of the many people who converted to Christianity after the rapture, tried to kill the anti-Christ. They find the gun that he used to try and kill Nicolae, who is the anti-Christ, and take finger prints off of it to trace it back to him. When they review the videotapes, they realize that he tried to kill him, but missed, and it was actually someone else to killed Nicolae.

Through out the rest of the book, they still blame the murder on Rayford, and try to have him killed and punished for what he really didn't do. As it nears the end of the book, it is approximately 84 months, or 3 ½ years, after the rapture, they hold a funeral for Nicolae. Near the mid-point of the funeral, he rises from his casket and is resurrected. This is caused because the Devil himself has inhabited Nicolae. This is a very good and interesting book and I would suggest this whole series to anyone who likes suspense.